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There Is More Than One Election On Today has a maintained page at
I hope everyone in the States got out and voted today.  We should be aware of the people effecting the policy of our country.

Similarly, we should be aware of the people effecting out web and mobile experiences.  I’ve mentioned before that I’ve been working on my new business,  We do hope to be helping you collect and share your online and offline achievements and discover your community.  As part of this, we are trying to get a little more awareness through the Mashable Awards now running through November 29th.  Everyone is welcome to vote once per day, per category.  And we are hoping that that will inspire you to help support by voting once a day for as the “Best Use of an API” and “Most Promising New Company.”

Best Use of an API actually uses many APIs: 12 now and more to come.  With them, you can sign in, collect preexisting achievements from different services in one place, earn new awards for your social milestones through, and share them with your larger community through notifications to your social networks.  That means we aggregate, augment, and distribute.  A one stop shop for your proudest moments…and looking to get even better.

Most Promising New Company

We want to bring you more value than just noting how many friends you have and how often you frequent a restaurant.  While it is awesome fun to be mayor on Foursquare or gratifying to help a stranger to become successful and independent through Kiva, we want to be able to recognize the full mosaic of experience, skills, and activities that compose you, collecting all your proudest events throughout life so that we can become your own graphic resume as well as a fun brag board—changing the way you represent yourself online.  Think that’s promising?  Then tell everyone…please:

But Wait…there could be more

We have an awesome new Leaderboard that you really should check out…and then vote for under “Best Website User Experience”:

There are plenty of other categories you can also vote for:
Best social media service for a small business
Best Social Media Management Tool
Best Online Game
Breakthrough Website Design

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