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Startup Weekend: In the Trenches

Startup Weekend promotional flyerStartup Weekend promotional flyer

It’s Global Entrepreneurship Week and what’s a better way to celebrate than launching a startup? Last weekend, November 20-22, Startup Weekend came to New York, gathering skilled professionals to form groups and develop startups over the course of a single weekend. Organizers provided a general outline of expectations, guidance, food, and speakers and mentors to nurture the seed of new businesses.

I have had the privilege of helping to organize the event and circulating through the different groups as a consulting designer. The concepts were varied, but they all shared passion and energy for their projects.

I spent most of my time with a lovely match-up group for entrepreneurs and skilled professionals interested in working for startups to foster new businesses:

Many potential entrepreneurs have dreams that they would welcome the opportunity to make reality, but either don’t know the people or don’t have the resources to make that dream possible. Networking events are excellent opportunities, but are hard to find in cities with immature startup ecosystems and since they tend to attract the same type of person, the ability to co-mingle with other specialties is minimal. Startup Matchup is an online venue which allows potential founders a place to find a team with which to collaborate, or interested individuals who maybe don’t have an idea, but have the skills necessary and the desire to enter into the startup world. Startup Matchup inspires entrepreneurs by providing connections that fuel ideas, build teams and encourage innovation

While I loved Startup Meetup, I have to say that I am most excited by Legal Commons, which “hosts and provides human-readable and human-editable contracts for reducing legal overhead in general business transactions and activities.” I can imagine few resources better for anyone out to do things themselves.

Overall, the event was a wonderful success and generated a lot of energy and excitement for launching new businesses. Thank you to everyone who was involved.

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