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Taking a class like digital imaging changes a lot of things. One thing I didn’t think it would change would be the way I pack for vacations. No longer is the game about fitting as many shoes into a suitcase…well, not as much.

Now the name of the game is camera equiptment and for this trip to Saba, I was loaded. Along with my camera and grey card, I was toting polarizing filters, color filters, and a tripod.

Did it make navigating the airports awkwardly cumbersome?  Yes.  Did I enjoy taking those holiday snaps? Hell yes.

Saba vacation picturesBoarding the prop plane from St. Maarten to Saba.  There are many reasons why I was hesitant to board.  Firstly, because way too many lost/survival movies start with a ride in a propeller plain.  Secondly,  the likelyhood that I might need the little white bag in the pocket of every plane seat.  Thirdly, that I didn’t see said bag in front of my seat.
Fortunately, none of these fears had any foundation on a clear blue day such as this.
Saba vacation picturesWhile waiting for the plain to depart, Lee-Sean made the Nobel-worthy discovery that our windows made excellent color filters.
Saba vacation picturesWe all know that the view out my windows at home is scenic*…but for some reason it doesn’t seem to hold up to this view from the deck of my room.
Saba vacation picturesA fish mobile over a hammock.  The adult version of a mobile over a baby’s cradel.  Ah, we grow up so fast.
Saba vacation picturesAnd this is the part where I wax generic.  Everyone has to take picture of flowers.  They are pretty and subject matter.  Yet, why can’t I findmore original themes?
Saba vacation picturesAlmost done with the flowers series….
Saba vacation picturesCongratulations, you survived.
Saba vacation picturesSunset on Windwardside.  With such descriptive names as Windwardside and The Bottom, one has to wonder about what Hell’s Gate (just north of us) is like
Saba vacation picturesFor some reason, people tend to be dubious when I tell them that I am a morning person.  Possibly it is because of the emails they recieve from me at 6 in the morning.  Possibly it is my class schedule which does not begin before noon.  Or, possibly it is because I absolutely refuse to schedule a meeting before 10.  But, you see, I am a morning person.  I just tend to see it on a different side than most people associate with morning.
This day, however, I enjoyed the morning like any disgustingly responsible morning person would.  I still don’t know how.
Saba vacation picturesMy traveling companion back to St. Maarten, also from El Momo.  Yes, the exposure is extreme.  Eat me.
Saba vacation picturesLeaving Saba was a bit of a wrench.  The stay was too short and the tasks ahead…rather daunting.

*And I’m sure the Chinese school students across from me feel the same way about their view.

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