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Life Dress [aftershow wrap up]

Life dress
Life dress
Life dress

The Life Dress is a garment constructed of dragon skin silicone with leds embedded inside.  The dress is largely a conceptual experiment in constructing a dress our of unusual materials. I chose dragon skin for three reasons. [1] The dragon skin diffuses the light of the leds into a halo effect, [2] the dragon skin has an odd, pseudo organic feel, and [3] it is named dragon skin and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to tell certain geeky friends that I had a dress made of dragons skin.

The dragon skin is poured as tiles with an led embedded in each tile. The tiles are then linked together in a grid formation to construct what is, in effect, a platform for dynamic patterns, animations, and interactive displays.

The form of the dress is inspired by the grid layout used in running John Conway’s algorithm, the Game of Life. The algorithm is a simple set of rules that determined weather each cell in a grid is either alive (on) or dead (off). I was intrigued how, with a simple set of rules, the algorithm generated simple animations which I could visualize on a dress as a dynamic pattern. Thus, each tile on the dress represents a cell on the board so that the dress becomes a board that envelopes the wearer. The pattern is also easily reinterpreted as a cylindrical screen with three inch square pixels so that the dress can easily be repurposed for other other patterns and interactive displays.

After constructing the dress and experimenting with lighting, I made an additional and rather amusing discovery. I was aware that the the tiles were somewhat transparent, that serves my interest in diffusing the light. However, what I later discovered was that, when lit, the tiles obscured whatever was underneath so that an observer could only see vague shadows. Thus, depending on what tiles are on and what tiles are off, the Life Dress can be considered an exercise in public indecency.

I am, quite frankly, shocked by the reception of the dress. I had considered pulling the dress out of the show when I couldn’t wire all the tiles in time. But the night after the show’s first day, I received some very unexpected validation: a writeup in Gizmodo. Aside from being the best birthday present ever, the Gizmodo article also caught the attention of many attendees to the second day of the show. Several individuals came up to my dress and noted that they had read about it in Gizmodo the night before.  Better yet, the dress is now the top Google hit for “ITP Winter Show.”

The interest keeps snowballing, though it will probably wear out soon.  All the same, there are some things in the works now.  I have been approached by some other publications to submit work in collections for wearable technology.

At the after-party, I was glowing and it wasn’t only due to the vodka (and I wasn’t wearing the dress).

image from Jon's photoshoot
Close up of the Life dress on a model.


Talk to my shirt which seems to be getting a lot of activity.
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