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I’m Sooo Over The Future

Automation has its place. I acknowledge it’s value in timelapse photography and animations, but when the toilet flushes four times as I attempt to use it, things have gone overkill. As a recent graduate of a program that gives you a sensor and an LED and says: “Create!” I do like mechanized and digitized interactions. But some times I wish for the good old days of the lever. When I walk into a room, I like to flick the switch rather than have some motion sensor turn the lights up. You know why? Because there are times that I walk into a room where I want the lights to stay off. Fancy that?

“But Elizabeth!” I hear a multitude of nonexistant voices cry, “What of sanitation?” Yes, automated toilets, doors, and light switches do save you from directly touching things that others have touched. But you know what also exists? SINKS! Wash your hands!

I don’t mean to be a ludite by any means. I believe in progress, but it should be practical before it is inflicted on a weary traveler who only wants to piss.

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