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Home Part 1 [A Sign]

The ongoing war of the sexes finds it’s battle ground with the age old conflict of the toilet lid. A helpful reminder to the gender in the minority at the Fuller house.

There are many reasons that I love visiting my parents’ home in Northern California: it’s spacious, it’s sunny, and I have absolutely no social distractions. Another reason I enjoy visiting it is for the cleaver people that reside there. I love talking with my family, even the most trivial conversations can be hilarious…well, the trivial conversations are the best!

Pictorially, this is best expressed with the signs found around the house. Along with family and vacation pictures, there are a few notices for the edification and delight of visitors. I thought I would share a couple.

A helpful explanation for visitors to the house on encountering the entry gate…it has been buggy for the past few years so the motor is mostly for show.

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