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FashionCampNYC This Weekend

For those not in the loop, I want to bring you in.  This weekend, Parsons will be hosting FashionCampNYC for its second unconference.  Our first FashionCamp, graciously hosted by ITP in September, was quite the success and we look forward to the presentations and connections that will result from this event.

I will be taking pictures these next two days.  So, expect lots of pictures posted throughout the weekend.

FashionCamp: The Future of Fashion
FashionCampNY: Where Fashion, Technology, and Media Converge

NEW YORK, NY (February 9, 2010) On February 20th and 21st, 2010 FashionCamp will bring together the fashion and technology communities at Parsons, the New School for Design. Fresh off the excitement of Mercedes Benz Fall Fashion Week, Fashion Camp bridges the gap between the worlds of fashion and technology and illustrates the many ways they affect each other in the 21st century, exploring new techniques, new materials, new business models, and new possibilites. For the second year in a row, Fashion Camp will bring together the mainstream fashion world, the indie and vintage fashion world, and the wearable technology fashion world in a weekend of learning, networking, and exploration.

FashionCamp is a free, two-day volunteer-run conference with workshops and presentations for anyone interested in technology and fashion. Over the course of these two days attendees participate in open workshops. This forward looking, participant driven meeting of the minds and worlds of fashion and tech aims to chronicle and advance the dialog between these two disciplines within a loose “BarCamp” styled framework conducive to creativity, collaboration and exploration. Discussions, demos and open participatory workshops are attended — and run! — by the participants. The event doesn’t cost any money, but there is a price: most of the attendees must give a demo, present a talk, or assist. FashionCampNY is made possible through the generous support of community and businesses. Sponsorship and presentation opportunities are available.

Event: FashionCampNY
Dates: February 20-21st, 2010
Time: Doors Open at 9am
Location: Parsons The New School for Design
Cost: Free Admission with participation and assistance strongly encouraged
RSVP: Attendees must RSVP to:

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